Friday, October 25, 2013


Autumn is here.

How do I know? I know because I sleep at night with the windows open and a few blankets to keep away the chill. I wear a jacket when I walk the dog early in the morning (but so far I'm still refusing to give up on flip flops; despite cold toes). The leaves are changing. I love the sound of crunchy leaves as I walk. Even better, I love that if I'm sitting quietly in the woods, I can hear the dry leaves gently land after they've left their tree top perches.

I also know because I've moved my vegetable plants from the balcony to the kitchen. I hope all of my little green tomatoes make the transition well and continue to grow and ripen.

The best way that I know it's Autumn is because we've been to the National Apple Harvest Festival in Arendtsville, PA. We are drinking wonderfully fresh cider and still enjoying our new purchases.

Another way I know that it's autumn is because I feel like writing. I always feel more motivated to write in the fall. I can write outside without sticking to the paper. And I can write with the knowledge that NanoWrimo is just around the corner. It's as though I'm doing warm-ups for Nano.

How do you know it's fall? Do you enjoy autumn?

To see a bit about the National Apple Harvest Festival, visit me here National Apple Harvest Festival  and here National Apple Harvest Festival in Pictures  Enjoy your autumn.

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